BuildingReports University is the education and research branch of BuildingReports, the leading provider of online and mobile inspection software and tools to ensure the safety and compliance of commercial and industrial facilities. BuildingReports University provides world-class classroom and lab training, onsite and online training for BuildingReports Service Members, educational webinars, online resources and more for the betterment of the industry. BuildingReports University also leverages the largest database of fire and life safety compliance inspection reporting to provide reporting and expert analysis, including the industry’s first annual Fire & Life Safety Inspection Benchmark Report.


BuildingReports University hosts several live and on-demand webinars each year to educate viewers on the latest in BuildingReports technology and topics important to the industry.


Be the first to know the latest tips and tricks, industry insights, NFPA and industry codes and standards, building management requirements and building inspection updates.


December 6, 2022

BuildingReports® Announces Southeast Asia Expansion
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October 5, 2022, Inc. and IROL, LLC Announce New Partnership for Third-Party Compliance Reporting
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Founded by BuildingReports in 2005 as Inspector’s Boot Camp, BuildingReports University’s mission is to provide world-class lab and classroom training. Service technicians receive expert training from industry veterans in the areas of fire and life safety code, customer service skills and inspection best practices. Since its inception, over 400 students have acquired more than 15,000 continuing education credit hours from accredited agencies.

Today, BuildingReports University is a multi-faceted resource providing expert training, educational materials and research to help fire and life safety professionals better protect people and property. Whether it’s equipping service technicians with the skills to provide superior service, or making the most of your BuildingReports investment, BuildingReports University wants to be your partner in fire and life safety excellence.